Price List

General Dentistry
Adult Examination:€40
Child Examination:€30
Scale and Polish:€50
Exam with Scale and Polish only:€75
Periodontal Treatment:
(deep cleaning under local anaesthetic)
from €100 per quadrant
Hygienist Fee:€70
Hygienist Clean:€15 with PRSI
Hygienist Clean under Local Anaesthetic€80
Dental Fillings
Composite (white):from €80 – €150
Amalgam:from €90 – €140
Tooth Extractions
Extractions:from €90 – €140
Surgical Extraction:€150
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment:
(dependant upon tooth and complexity)
from €350 – €600
Dental Implants and Crowns
Crowns:from €600 – €750
Straumann Implant and Crown:Please enquire at practice
Post and Core:€250
Porcelain – Single / Multiple:€600 / €550
Composite:€200 / €150
Six Month Braces:from €2,000
Comprehensive Treatment:
(dependant upon complexity, metal or ceramic braces)
from €2,500 - €3,800
Invisalign:from €3,000 - €4,000
Cosmetic Dentistry
Smile Makeovers:
(utilising bondings, veneers or crowns)
Please enquire at practice

Six Month Smiles
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